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Let your content shine

You can throw most Confluence content on Presenter and it will make it look good. Presenter also offers some macros to give you more options and control over your content.

Let’s see some examples.


Presenter resizes images in your content so they fill all available screen space.

Enjoy this carnivorous cat:


Full-slide images

If an image is the only content on a slide, Presenter switches it to full-slide mode.

Switch to the next slide for a full-slide little big cat!


Presenter deals nicely with videos inside your content. Just make sure to insert them using the “Widget Connector”, not just a link. Enjoy the following 1 hour Youtube video of a sunset:

Forcing slide breaks

Sometimes, you want to make a point on a new slide, no matter what. There’s a macro for that:

Presenter Slide Break macros are legen… (hold for it!)

… dary!


Showing and hiding content

You can make content that only is visible in the presentation (and the editor, of course) or that is hidden in the presentation.

For example, the following text only appears in the presentation, but is not visible in the normal Confluence view: