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Status Quo Analysis

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The Status Quo

Let’s start by looking at the hard facts of our current situation!

The hard facts

  • Sales are up 99%

  • The last fiscal year was the best year we ever had

Kudos to Bob and Sue for the performance gains on emerging markets!

The Status in a Graph


  • A chart that is higher on the y-axis on the right is always a really good sign.

To discuss

  • Why are we using candle charts for our sales performance?

Most importantly:

  • It is time to heavily celebrate our outstanding performance!

Challenges we have overcome

Not everything was just green candles in a chart this year.
Our team overcame serious challenges!

Fulfilment time

When we started the last year, our fulfilment was 33% percent slower than that of you-know-who.

But thanks to the extreme driving skills of our storage worker Karen, our performance has grown 50%.

Here is a video of her participating in the german Gabelstapler championships:

Home Office

Getting used to home office was a big challenge as nobody had notebooks.

However, during the last 4 months we could supply every worker with

  • 2 macbooks

  • 1 iMac

  • 2 keyboards

Giving the chance to type away on 4 keyboards at the same time!

Deers in the parking lot

For years, incidents involving deers from the nearby forest in our production and storage plant C had become the norm. When our dear Rudy was attacked by a deer on his way to the car, management decided it was time to react.

We found a very competent animal trainer to tame the deers, driving the incident count down to 0 for the last 12 months!




To sum it up:

Our strategical future looks as bright as this wonderful sunset sky captured by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.

Thank you, team!