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Strategic One Page Plan

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Setting the baseline

Let’s talk about who we are and why we exist!

Who are we?

The most motivated company in our field of creating value to customers.

Why do we exist?

Our customers are the beneficiaries of everything we do. And our shareholders, of course.

Purpose: Empowering every shareholder to earn money.

Nische: More money per shareholder, on a daily basis.

Long-term outlook

Being the most shareholder and customer centric company on earth with more than 25 Mio USD revenue.

Market strategy

Target market:

  1. Shareholders in markets with a lot of shares

  2. Potential shareholders originating from Emerging Markets with access to shares in 1-3 years from now

Our USP:

  1. More value for customers

  2. More value for shareholders

  3. Complete flexibility on how to earn money

Proven process: Everyday, looking out for new ways to serve our customers and earn money for shareholders, changing the strategy every 1-2 weeks.

Guarantee: We guarantee the fastest pivots in the industry.

Mid-term outlook

Let’s project our reality of the future - what will be our reality in March 2030?


50 Mio USD


45 Mio USD


  • 0% recurring revenue

  • No customer longer than 2 weeks

  • At least 5 pivots in the last 12 weeks

Success criteria

Global presence, dominating in nearly every niche in existence.


Path on how to
achieve this mid-term outlook

This year


12-31 of this year


15 Mio USD


12 Mio USD


At least 5 pivots

Targets for this year


At least 5 pivots in the following areas:

  • Crypto currency!

  • Venture Capital!

  • Same day delivery with drones!


Hiring at least 200 software developers


Launching IoT devices that mine crypto currency while flying goods to people on the same day

This quarter


Last of march


3 Mio USD


2 Mio USD


At least 2 pivots

Targets for this quarter

  • Creating an own crypto currency

  • Understanding bitcoin and Proof of Work

  • Buying a drone

Talking about this month

There are urgent todos that are identified obstacles for our strategic goals:

Too many drone crashes
No one of us understands how bitcoins really work